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Bioghaphy of Agostinho da Silva PDF Print E-mail
[By Romana Brázio Valente]


1906 - Son of Francisco José Agostinho da Silva and Georgina do Carmo Baptista da Silva, George Agostinho Baptista da Silva was born in Porto on 13 February.

1906 (August / September) - Changes in to Barca D'Alva, where the first lives of their lives

1912/1913 - Returns to Porto. As I knew read and write, the mother puts him in primary education (School of St. Nicholas)

1913 - Makes examination of first degree and is separate

1914 - Makes examination of the 4 th Class and entering at School Industrial Mouzinho da Silveira

1916 - Insert at the Liceu Rodrigues de Freitas

1924 - Enter for the Faculty of Letters of Oporto to attend Romance, but moves up in the same school year, to Classical Philology

1928 - Ending of graduation and going to work in the Journal Seara New

1929 - Maintains his doctoral dissertation, which gives the name of The Way History of Civilizations Classic

1930 - Frequency of the Superior Normal School in Lisbon

1931 - Party for Paris, as a fellow, and studied at the Sorbonne in Collége de France

1933 - Returns to Portugal and is placed on the Liceu de Aveiro as a teacher, where he has taught for two years

1935 - Fired of  is teacher job for not signed the Law Cabral (compulsory for all civil servants)

1935 - Can scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain and will study for the Center for Historical Studies of Madrid

1936 - Returns to Portugal because of the imminence of the Spanish Civil War

1938 - Leave the Journal Seara Nova
1939 - Establishment of Core Pedagogical Antero de Quental

1940 - Drafting Beginner - Books of Cultural Information

1943 - Is arrested by the PVDE Prison in the Aljube

1944 - Leave Portugal in part to South America Enter the Rio de Janeiro and then heads up to Sao Paulo

1945 - Leave the Brazil and installs itself in Uruguay

1946 - Living in Argentina

1947 - Returns permanently to Brazil. Installs up in Sao Paulo but then sets up in the Sierra de Itatiaia

1948 - Leave the Sierra and installs itself in Rio de Janeiro. In this city, working in the Biological Sciences (dedicating itself to the study of entomology), Fluminense teaches at the Faculty of Philosophy and collaborates with Jaime Cortesão, in the National Library, in the deepening of the work of Alexandre Gusmao

1952 - Integrates the faculty of the University of Paraíba (Joao Pessoa) and also has taught in Pernambuco

1954 - Participates next to Cortesão, in the organization of the 4 th Centennial Exposition of the City of Sao Paulo

1955 - Helps found the University of Santa Catarina

1959 - Establishment of the Center of Afro-Oriental Studies (CEAO) and the Living Theatre teaches at the University of Bahia

1961 - It is a foreign policy adviser to the President Jânio Quadros

1961 - Returns fugazmente to Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina, however, ruma to Brasilia

1962 - Collaborates in the founding of the University of Brasilia and creates the Center for Portuguese Studies at the same University

1963 - Equipared as fellow UNESCO, the Japan visit In Tokyo gives classes in Portuguese. Enjoy your trip to the East to visit Macao and Timor. In the same year goes to the United States. Return later to Senegal.

1964 - It housing between Waterfall (recôncavo Bahia) and Salvador (where congemina the formation of the Museum of the South Atlantic in Forte de São Marcelo). In Waterfall founded the Casa Paulo Dias Adorno who, in addition to being a Centre of Studies (extension of the Brazilian Center for Portuguese Studies of the University of Brasilia), it is also a school

1969 - Reacting to dictatorships, leaves of Brazil in 1969 and returned to his parents of origin

1969-1994 - In Portugal where reigns a spring marcelista, is mainly devoted to the writing. Later, and now after the Carnation Revolution, Agostinho returned to education: university by honorific title and private and informal in his home of Prince Real. At that time it is retired by the Brazilian Government. Only some time later, the Government of Portugal will refund the retroactive concerning the years of Dictatorship. However, not fixed on his financial issues, travel, write, receiving medals and titles, participate in television programmes and known philosopher popular, but, in his view, is the time that deals with the sedimentation of the future Era of the "Espirto Santo"

1994 - Dies in Lisbon on 3 April.
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